Acrylic Starphire Hybrid Hybrid - Acrylic Starphire Hybrid - Acrylic Starphire

Acrylic Starphire Hybrid

Starphire front acrylic aquarium ID: 151

Custom Aquariums

Aquariums come in many shapes and sizes, each with a unique purpose and story. A.G.E. has years of experience working with thousands of customers to build beautiful and extraordinary aquariums. Our signature PVC & Steel Braced aquariums and our Acrylic & Glass Hybrid aquariums are unique to the industry and what we’re best known for. Each offer many benefits and utilize a variety of materials which leverages each of the material’s strengths in an aquarium. This allows our tanks to provide significantly more durability and customization options at a reduced weight for our customers.

We’re also very well known for our large Steel Exhibit and Cylinder aquariums. A 25’ bowfront steel aquarium is absolutely magnificent to view and extremely strong. Customers looking for a centerpiece to an atrium or a way to highlight a spiral stairwell find our Cylinder aquariums as excellent options.