About Us

Acrylic and Glass Exhibits Inc. is Wholesale Only and works exclusively with aquarium stores & service companies, institutes, design centers, commercial enterprises and does not sell direct to the public.  We have over 60 years of combined acrylic and glass aquarium manufacturing experience. Unlike other manufacturers, both we and our partners have made significant equipment investments to provide quality products to the highest of tolerances (.005" or less). A.G.E. applies the latest innovations along with traditional methods in aquarium manufacturing. CNC routing machines, diamond glass polishing equipment (not just diamond cutting), abrasive water jetting and glass bending ovens enable us to fabricate design features never seen before in our industry. Our large format CNC router allows us to scan a digital "foot print" of almost any material during the production process so other aquarium parts, as well as millwork, can match the "as bent" panel perfectly. Having access to fully automated digital machinery enables us to utilize AutoCAD to produce flawless parts in virtually any shape or size in glass, stainless steel, acrylic, and PVC and send this design to design studios or engineering firms.

Additionally, millwork and metal fabrication receive equal attention to capability, quality and detail. High powered single and multi-axis laser cutting technology is used in metal fabrication of exhibit grade aquariums and steel support stands as well as MIG, TIG and plasma torch welding. Finally, laser guided saws produce the highest quality wood stands and furniture available.

Using the latest digital and manufacturing processes available, we have developed our signature cylindrical acrylic aquariums and "hybrid" aquarium designs that result in the combination of glass, acrylic, steel, stainless steel, PVC, ABS and other materials in the fabrication of custom aquariums. The results are truly incredible, one of kind aquatic environments which we have delivered to thousands of customers around the world.

Warranty Information - Glass & Acrylic Aquariums

- 3 years on approved A.G.E. or professionally built aquarium stands (other stand manufacturer with insurance)

- Warranty void on home built aquarium stands

Terms & Conditions

- Aquarium must be level from all angles

- Stands cannot have their structural integrity compromised through modification

- All intended structural support points must be in contact with their intended surface

- Aquarium must come flush to stand edges, they cannot hang over edges or be supported by undersized stands